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Monday, May 23, 2011


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Sound Forge one of the best sound. Sound Forge has long been used by professionals for editing, audio recording and creation of multimedia content.
With the new multichannel capabilities audio and record export in September Dolby Digital AC3, an additional process of saturation of the effects of noise reduction options, the ninth version of the program is a set of tools for increasing your productivity.
By the standard set of features that were present in earlier versions will add many additional improvements and extensions.

(Klik pada gambar agar lebih jelas)

All standard features for editing audio
Support for 24bit and 32/64bit 192 kHz files
Editing in mono, stereo and multichannel audio files
More than 20 builtin DirectX plugins
Multichannel editing and processing
Editing and processing audio in real time
Support for ASIOdrivers
Support for DirectX audio plugins
Support for VST audio effects
And AVI video
Unlimited levels of undo and redo
Draganddrop editing between channels
Full support for files larger than 4 GB
and many, many other possibilities

Imp Notes-
1. Download and Install Sound Forge.
2. Open the key gen and make sure to \"Run as Administrator\" otherwise patching fails.
3. Select Sound Forge 10 from the list and click on the patch button
4. Locate the directory where you installed Sound Forge, probable in /program file(x86)/sony/sound forge 10/
5. Patch it.
6. Click generate button and copy the serial number.
7. Run Sound Forge for the first time, it will ask for serial, paste it in.
8. Click next until you see \'register from another computer\', select that option, then save the htm file somewhere, click next until it asks for \'activation code\'
9. Copy the activation code that was generated along with your serial number. Copy and paste.
10.Click Finish and it should work!

Screenshot :
(Klik pada gambar agar lebih jelas)

Download | Sony Sound Forge 10 With Keygen
INFO : Jika artikel SONY SOUND FORGE PRO 10 WITH KEYGEN ini bermanfaat, silahkan sobat share (copy/paste) artikel ini. Bila berkenan mohon mencantumkan link sumbernya, http://aldi-xpblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/sony-sound-forge-pro-10-with-keygen.html. Terima Kasih,,
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